Our vehicles

Vybavení vozidel

Vehicles of HrubyMOVING number over 110 trucks and other vehicles by renowned world producers of trucks (Mercedes Benz and MAN) and cargo trailers (Kögel).

We use large, high-volume cargo trailers (100 m2) and sets of trailers (120 m2), trailers that enable transport in controlled temperature and also vehicles with second floor (maximum capacity of 76 EUR-pallets).

Average age of your vehicles is less than 2 years (in 2013, we have renewed 60 of our vehicles, in 2016, we plan to renew another 90). Approximately 50 % of our vehicles comply with either the EEV emission standard or EURO6, the rest complies with the EURO 5 emission standard.
The vehicles' extensions are made for automotive, according to the standard EN 12642 Code XL (securing of cargo on road vehicles), with covers fortified by steel cables that protect the cover against cutting through, thus minimizing the risk of theft. Lastly, but not leastly, the most of our vehicles are produced according to the so-called Michelin standard and therefore are suitable for safe transport of tires.

Our vehicles are equipped with mobile phones, navigation and satellite tracking communication system which provides on-line contact between our dispatchers and drivers and enables us to track our vehicles 24/7 and have up-to-date knowledge of shipments' movements throughout Europe.

Our vehicles are also suited for transport of dangerous goods, according to The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (the ADR Treaty). Standardly, our vehicles provide security elements for securing the load: cargo extension bars, fastening belts, anti slip mats, protective plastic corners, etc.









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