Insurance and guarantees

Our company has concluded a general insurance, of which all employees in moving and storing are a part of.

Transport insurance of HrubyMOVING for Czech and international road freight transport:
a) insurance is concluded against all possible risks, according to Czech legal provisions, with the exception of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (the CMR Convention)
b) insurance is concluded against damages caused during transport provided by road vehicles included in the list of vehicles which is an integral part of the insurance contract (this list is updated every 3 months)
c) insurance applies to insured events by which the damage occurs in the Czech Republic and Europe with the exclusion of the states of former Soviet Union, but including Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia (for other countries, a separate insurance might be concluded)
d) insurance is concluded up to 10 000 000 CZK
e) insurance can be individually raised up to 20 000 000 CZK

Insurance of cargo according to the volume of transported goods
a) the object of insurance is clothes and things during relocation provided by the insured
b) shipments object to insurance are transported by the insured's own vehicles
c) insurance applies to insured events with damages occurring in the European Union territory

Insurance of office and storerooms
a) basic property insurance (covering damage or destruction of insured property) against fire, thunder, explosion, collision with a flying object with crew on board, its part or its load, as well as shock wave, smoke and collision with a road vehicle
b) other property insurance – windstorm, hailstorm, landslide, fallen trees, pylons and other objects, snow or frost
c) natural disasters – flood and earthquake
d) water pipe damages – damages to insured object caused by water from water piping system
e) theft by housebreaking and robbery at insured place
f) insurance limit for all objects handed over by a third party is in all above mentioned cases 10 000 000,- CZK, with the exception of e) for which the limit is 1 000 000,- CZK

Property insurance and liability insurance
Our company has concluded a general insurance, of which all employees in moving and storing are a part of.

Vehicle insurance
Each vehicle in our company has its obligatory third party car insurance as well as accident insurance.

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