Truck transport

Our company has gained a very good reputation over the years in the business. However, we constantly work on improving our services as well as follow the latest trends in transport. During the last couple of years, the majority of HrubyMOVING transport has been going to the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Benelux Union, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Spain.

Aside from shippings that use up the vehicle's full cargo capacity, we provide shipping with pickup services. In addition, all of our vehicles are adapted to transport dangerous goods.

Our dispatchers react to our customers' requirements flexibly and reliably. Thanks to satellite viewing, our dispatchers always see the actual position of a vehicle, either on a map on their computer screen or in a special application on their mobile phone. Therefore, our dispatchers are able to contact the driver any time via our communication terminal.
At our customer's request, we provide information about the shipment's actual position.
Thanks to this system, our transportation services are always optimized, which allows us to achieve maximal effectiveness and control of our transports and to adhere to contracted terms.

Our freights are insured up to 10 000 000,- CZK as damage liability of the transporter according to the CMR Convention.

At our customer's request, we will provide insurance up to 100 000 000,- CZK against all possible risks that may occur during transport.

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